Our Services

For New Projects

          Planning a new agriculture project requires going into many details of    different professional aspects.

          Assessments of locations, crops and markets are only few of the aspects.
          We can help you strengthen your plan and your future investment.
          We will cover the gaps of knowledge and tools you are missing.

          Among the services we offer for starting projects are:

  • Assessments for the Location, land, water, Crops, clement and markets demands and contracts.
  • Set-up of business procedures and management systems that answer the high end European markets standards.
  • Raw materials and tools procurements for organic or non-organic treatments.
  • Assessments of all other cost and aspects as manpower, human recourses, packing facilities, energy and more.
  • Forming of business plan for investors / banks.

For Operational  Projects

  • Personal escort by experts.
  •  Outsourcing management throughout all growing process with personnel training in different agriculture aspects such as Land preparation irrigation systems, growing techniques / crop management ... and much more.
  • Operational training and assessments for EUROPGAP.
  • Data Management system and IT applications which comply with the EUROPGAP regulations.

Marketing & Logistics

We have excellent relation with some of the biggest European buyers. As a EUROPGAP certified business we can assist in delivering your quality crops to the European and US markets.
We deliver great knowledge and assistants for improving the logistical costs involved in exporting your crops.

Information Technology 

    “SHIGAM” has teamed with ePack Technologies to provides a wide range of products and services covering the entire fresh produce supply chain path.


    These products assist you, the farmer, the packer and the sales representative with a rich and efficient toolbox to solve all your business needs.

    Use our fresh produce supply chain software products (© ePack Technologies) and get your business up and running promptly, using your own     native     language.
    Currently supported languages are: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Thai. Other languages may be put in place on demand.

    “SHIGAM” also offers consulting and tools to help you manage inventory, accounting, marketing and all other IT aspects of your business.